05 March 2017

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Toll Tax in India

Toll roads are roads on which a toll authority collects an expense for utilize. A toll road, otherwise called tollway, is an open or private roadway for which a charge (or toll) is collected for entry. It is a type of road valuing ordinarily executed to help recover the cost of road development and support.
Toll tax collected by a toll authority is actually not a tax it’s a user fee. A fee is paid by road users actually using a service.
Tolls tax or fee are collected at points known as toll gate, toll booths, toll, and plazas.
In addition to toll roads, toll tunnels and toll bridges are also used by public authorities to generate funds to repay the cost of building the structures. This is sometimes limited or prohibited by central government legislation. Some tolls are set aside to pay for future maintenance or enhancement of infrastructure, or are applied as a general fund by local governments, not being earmarked for transport facilities. Also road congestion pricing schemes have been implemented in a limited number of urban areas as a transportation demand management tool to try to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.


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